Photography by Colston Julian

Wednesday, 14th March 2018,
De Monteford Hall, Leicester

Saturday, 17th March 2018,
Meridian Grand, London

what its all about

Rishi Kapoor, one of Bollywood’s most loved heroes, has seen stardom like few others. The Kapoors, often referred to as the First Family of Bollywood, have spanned 4 generations of stars, from the legendary Prithivi Raj, Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Randir Kapoor, Rajiv Kapoor to contemporary stars such as Karishma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor.

Khullam Khulla is your ticket into the very heart of the Bollywood and your tour guide is none other than Mr. Rishi Kapoor, also known as 'Chintu'. Rishi Kapoor is one of the most out spoken, hilarious, and bold speakers. What you will hear in this live chat show are stories that will last a lifetime. The true untold side of Bollywood, narrated by the ultimate insider, Chintu saab.

The authenticity of this show is the man himself.

The premise of the show is the fact that he has seen Bollywood through various lenses, as a child growing up amidst the most celebrated stars of the day. “The industry literally took birth in our house.” he says. “The world knew them as stars, I knew them as uncleji, mamaji , and auntyji.” He has experienced in person, the wonderful stories of struggle, passion, inspiration, success, failure, fraternity, camaraderie, class, style, insanity and mutual respect and recounts all of them in true Rishi Kapoor style.

‘Chintu’ went on to become a huge star himself. His stories of his early days, his ups and downs, his co-stars and the industry itself in full bloom are real and incredibly passionate. His next phase was as a father of a star, while continuing his own journey as a character star. Here the stories change to real life lessons, all told in a tongue in cheek manner, that only Rishi Kapoor can pull off.

Spending a lifetime in the public gaze, in an industry where you need to be at your competitive best at all times, where there is little or no room for error, where judgment is swift and sometimes permanent, there is a lot that one learns, and most often, the hard way.

Khullam-Khulla is a 90-minute roller coaster Bollywood ride delivered in true Rishi Kapoor style. The show is peppered with stories, music, video grabs, private photographs and a very special open mic session for the audience, which promises to be an absolute winner.

This show is produced by Oranjuice Entertainment.

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